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enCode increases your profits by helping you put your best foot forward. Beautiful, functional and modern websites, combined with a holistic approach to digital marketing and reputation management will engage both your existing and potential customers to drive business straight to your door.

Website Design

Digital Marketing/Social Media Management

The Internet gets more and more crowded by the minute. Publishing a website by itself often isn't enough anymore. You and your brand need to be present where your customers (and potential customers) are having their conversations. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. The presence and reputation you maintain on these social media forums can make or break a sale. Keep in touch with your customer by sending a monthly newsletter - sharing the latest news and offering incentives.


Public Relations

Content Marketing/SEO

The effectiveness of traditional web advertising and paid-SEO strategies have run their course. Potential customers are now empowered with information and they can spot an ad from a mile away. Content is once again king.


enCode can help you put together the best content marketing strategy for your audience, starting with your website and pulling together external elements to drive traffic to your site and deliver the results you need.


Aerial Imagery

Adding to our traditional video and photography services, enCode now offers drone-based aerial imagery and mapping services. In addition to aerial photography and video, we also provide aerial mapping services that gives actionable data useful across a range of industries, including Construction, Real Estate & Agriculture.


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