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enCode is a team of marketing professionals brought together by a passion for creating engaging content and experiences that shape brands and promote the goals of organizations. We don't see a divide between digital and traditional marketing. Instead, we build strategies that tap into every channel. We use print material to lead people to websites and social media platforms. We develop clean, modern and usable designs that reflect the unique personalities of the organizations they represent - designs that capture attention and are backed up with quality content to keep the customer there and inspire them to return.


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Jelena Brezjanovic - Owner

Jelena's eye for detail, charismatic personality and tireless attitude allow her to build strong relationships whether she is building a website, developing a PR campaign or planning a client's content strategy. Her experience in marketing and communications plus a broad background, thanks to degrees in both international business and management, help her develop winning strategies for our clients every day.

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Sean Burgess - Managing Consultant

Sean has twenty years of experience in Internet Marketing, focused primarily on Website development, social media strategy and Web design/development. He has a strong background in writing, copy editing and content development coupled with a keen understanding of social media, SEO/SEM and Web/mobile technology brought to bear on clear presentation of marketing messages and shaping online strategy.


As a creative designer with an uncompromising emphasis on quality and attention to detail, Sean manages large scale UI/UX  design and redesign projects for a variety of clients. He keeps up to date on the latest trends in web design and technology and uses that information to see the big picture when approaching new projects.

Uroš Brezjanovic - IT Project Manager

Uros has extensive IT experience providing top-notch support for more than 15 years. His background includes project management plus design, configuration and administration of Microsoft Windows Server and Linux systems. His  drive to expand his knowledge in the ever-changing world of IT has allowed him to master his skills and stay up to date with the latest trends. His attention to detail and superb organizational skills are key factors to his success in multi-site project management.

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Mario Vasquez - IT Solutions Architect

Mario has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry focusing especially on Business Intelligence solutions, as well as web design and database architecture solutions. He earned his MBA degree in 2012 with an emphasis on management information systems (MIS), giving him great insight into how technology plays a key role in the positive impact of businesses.


As a Data Analyst, Mario has experience in modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information to support important decision-making strategies, by identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that allow businesses to measure their productivity and performance.

Stephanie Bustamante de Vasquez - Bilingual Content Manager

Stephanie leverages her native Spanish language skills, along with a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from Wichita State University, to create bilingual content for enCode clients who want to reach as diverse an audience as possible. Stephanie lends her expertise to every type of content from websites to social media and advertising.

Sean Burgess Headshot
Sean Burgess Headshot

Kelly Delancy-Fowler - Communications & Development Consultant

Kelly is an experienced communications and development professional, skilled in journalism, social media marketing, research and editing. Her international experience working across the museum field communicating art, culture, science and technology to varieties of audiences allows her to view branding, strategy and every type of content with a creative and keen eye for detail. She is also a strong administrative professional with a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Anthropology with Museum Studies from the University of Florida and a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A) from Georgia College and State University.

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